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Welcome To LOGON

Logon Hr consulting was originated with an idea of providing consultancy services to the corporate in areas of recruitment, manpower requirement, training and research. It is the leading manpower consulting firm providing an array of services for the manpower needs of various sectors.

We are of the premium providers of the potential candidates for the organizational needs. We deal with the immediacy and design the recruitment process

We can proudly announce that in the short period we are leading the way in the process of recruitment system and the way we built the trust in our clients.

Logonhr was incorporated in the year 2013 at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, one stop button for the purpose of recruiting the potential & caliber personnel. Under the guidance & mentorship of Ms. Sree Vidya and Raghu Ram, it is a professional body serving the cause of transparent, task oriented and merit based selection. It supports the general recruitment policies and terms of the organization.

We look forward that our company will achieve many milestones in the way forward. Logon's prime objective is to enable organizations to access tomorrows thinking and today's best practices in management. Please help us to serve you better and build mutual understanding better.

Work Force

We have successfully flourished with the aid of our highly talented pool and experienced team if professionals, challenges in the recruitments are taken care with ease. Talent pool in various locations of our locations of our organization is dedicated and will cater to the recruitment needs of the organization. We act like SPOC for your outsourcing needs. Happy to assist you in the best possible way that we can. Our work culture is the yardstick to measure the quality and productivity of the organization bestow. We yell and say "RELY US"


With our talent pool for the selection of the right candidate at the right place quickly, we can always be sure of advises for sound support. We provide peerless support & keeping the latest developments of the organizations in the mind.

Due to the above features, we look forward; our company will be registered with extreme growth rate in the coming years, from its establishment. Since our company has been the necessary for organizations to respond to its human resource requirements in time. We have assisting for many organizations carving their niche in the recruitment with our unbeatable support. And this is the reason why we look forward to become well known logon hr consulting.

Hot Jobs

  • Openings As A Agency Development Managers/ ABM / BM In Some of Insurance Companies In Pan Indian Package 1.8 - 10 lakhs /_Annum
  • Openings As A Agency Development Managers/ ABM / BM In Some of Health Insurance Companies In Pan Indian Package 1.8 - 4 lakhs /_Annum
  • Openings As A SR PHP Devlopers For Hyderabad Location Package 3 - 6 lakhs /_Annum
  • Opening In Leading Banks Package As a Sales Managers SR Sales Managers Package 1.22-1.8 lakhs/_Annum
  • Opening In Leading Automobile Manufacturing Industry Location: Hyderabad/ Bangalore/ Kerala Regions / Tamilnadu Regions Package 1.22 - 4 lakhs /_Annum